Schlinger Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Building

Pasadena, California

1 / 8 – Photo credit: Nic Lehoux



Accommodating a variety of lab types, including chemical synthesis, chemical engineering and biochemistry research, the Schlinger Laboratory is a technically demanding facility. With three floors above grade and one below, the central circulation spine splits each floor to define distinct laboratory suites, custom-designed to meet the exact needs of the users, while also allowing for reconfigurable layouts that can adapt to future advancements. The seven lab suites are designed with an open floor plan for maximum flexibility, safety, and interaction among researchers.

Though an intense research facility, the Schlinger Laboratory is centered on the well-being, safety, and productivity of its users. With floor-to-ceiling curtain walls at the north and south glazed facades, the building’s orientation takes advantage of sweeping verdant views, as well as superior solar control. Internal glazed partitions bring outdoor awareness and natural light deep into the heart of the building, where interactive and social spaces are celebrated. The direct proximity of offices and write-up spaces on either side of the corridor activates the circulation space, while the vast areas of glazing and transparent internal partitions provide a sense of exterior awareness throughout.

Project Data

Pasadena, California
2007 – 2010
60,000 sf


Design Award
Community Impact Award
Honor Award