Financial Services Center

San Francisco, California

1 / 10 – Photo credit: Matthew Millman
“The San Francisco offices for this global financial services company are a refreshing departure from ordinary corporate environments. Located on the 50th and 51st levels of the iconic Bank of America Building, the open, airy floors are connected by a dramatic staircase and showcase the surrounding city views.”



The project involved an expansion and redesign of the client’s existing offices, which had previously occupied a single floor. Now spanning two floors, the design reflects a deliberate strategy to open up spaces, highlight exterior views, and visually connect the interior spaces. The trading floor was relocated to take advantage of the upper level’s double-height space, with extraordinary views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Pacific Ocean. An intricately detailed staircase provides a unique perspective on the urban environment as one ascends or descends.

Responding to the client’s objective to increase opportunities for collaboration, special gathering spaces and informal seating areas are strategically located to foster interaction and provide moments of repose. Private offices are placed along hallways behind cleanly detailed glass fronts, allowing views and light to penetrate the floor while maintaining acoustical privacy. Lobby and circulation paths double as galleries for the company’s collection of contemporary art.

A palette of wood, stone, and glass was chosen for its classic, yet modern feel. White oak paneling and millwork define key spaces. In keeping with the clean lines of the architecture, contemporary and classic modern furnishings were chosen to complete the environment.

Project Data

San Francisco, California
2010 – 2012
50,000 sf


Honor Award