Expedia, Inc.

Seattle, Washington

1 / 7 – Photo credit: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
“The architecture of the new Seattle Headquarters Campus is primarily transparent, connecting occupants with the views of the water and mountains. The Campus Lawn to the west of the Ring Courtyard is a natural landscape designed to maximize views and allow for a diverse array of outdoor events, exercise and activities overlooking Elliott Bay.”



The new Expedia Seattle Headquarters Campus designed by the Seattle office of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ) in conjunction with Studios Architecture and PWP Landscape Architecture reconfigures the former Amgen campus to meet the needs of the global travel and technology company. The more than 40-acre campus on Seattle’s active waterfront includes new construction, the adaptive reuse of four existing buildings, and the development of outdoor green spaces.

Inspired by the idea of marking the experience of arrival and entry to campus, BCJ’s design begins with an approach through a tree line entrance drive that culminates in an elliptical landscaped courtyard, which is approximately 300 feet in diameter. The courtyard will accommodate a range of activities including visitor arrival and drop-off, all-hands meetings, outdoor meetings and recreation.

Encircling the courtyard will be a new approximately 600,000 sq. ft. four-story building that contains an entrance lobby, conference center, workspace and other campus amenities. At the heart of the campus is the Nexus, a four-story atrium located between the new building and the first of the re-purposed former laboratory buildings. The Nexus will accommodate multiple activities including company meetings, dining, special events and socializing.

The structure of three existing laboratory buildings will be re-purposed into new open workspaces, and the areas between them will become new enclosed atria. Bridges spanning the atria will knit the new and reused buildings together as well as provide places for meetings and overlooks.

Project Data

Seattle, Washington
2015 — 2019
40 acres