Digital Arts Corporate Campus

Los Angeles, California

1 / 10 – Photo credit: Nic Lehoux
“Remarkably open and loft-like, the work environment is both studio and office. Characterized by soft northern light and advanced infrastructure systems, the plan fosters interaction and creativity by achieving an urban density and character.”



Embodying a collective spirit of imagination, a sense of collaboration, and an embrace of gentle local climate the campus achieves a vibrancy of place. Open-air stairs, outdoor dining and conference, and trellised patios promote social connection. A central grove of trees assumes the character of a shaded urban park, uniting multiple buildings in a single collective identity and setting a cool, intimate stage for planned and chance encounter.

The pleasurable experience of verdant landscape is met with delight in richly textured materials. Crafted in wood, glass, terracotta, metal and concrete, the project brings a humane vitality that belies its large scale.

Climatic sensitivity is at the core of design principles. South façades, heavily shaded and modestly fenestrated, correspond to media-intense activities, coupling reduced cooling loads with lower illumination needs. The north face is entirely transparent, diffusing soft light deep into the work lofts. Under-floor mechanical systems deliver comfort directly to each occupant. This approach, along with the open plan, enables frequent reconfiguration and nimble operations. A photovoltaic roof shading the 1200 car garage offsets ten percent of the site’s energy, helping achieve LEED Platinum certification.

Project Data

Los Angeles, California
2009 – 2012
338,000 SF


Award of Excellence for Detail and Craftsmanship