Camp Louise

Columbia County, Pennsylvania

1 / 6 – Photo credit: Joseph Molitor
“This Girl Scout camp is situated in a narrow valley between two mountain ridges in northeastern Pennsylvania. The camp’s central buildings are placed at the forested edge of a field on axis with existing hedgerows that are parallel to the ridges that define the valley.”



The dining hall, a great ventilated shed at the south edge of the field, is the camp’s largest building. It presents a simple, low-sheltered profile on approach from the central field. Pitching upward away from the field, the dining hall reaches toward the trees and sun. Flaps placed along the entire low northwest face of the dining, kitchen, and serving areas and along the high southeast walls of the building permit cross ventilation. Tree-like columns modulate the interior space of the dining hall.

More modest buildings are shaped to their particular uses, and their roofs also tilt upward toward the forest. All structures within the camp were designed to be built by local craftsmen without the use of heavy equipment.

Project Data

Columbia County, Pennsylvania
1969 – 1972
Penn’s Woods Girl Scout Council


Gold Medal for Design Excellence
First Honor Award for Design Excellence
First Honor Award