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Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Kent Suhrbier


At the core of Kent’s work is the pursuit of solving complex problems with efficiency and simplicity. He believes that working toward clear, elegant design solutions allows us to do more with less, creating work that is responsible, renewable, and resilient. Some of his most treasured project experiences are ones that respond to iconic existing conditions, including ANSYS Hall at Carnegie Mellon University, which created an entirely new paradigm for advanced engineering while honoring Henry Hornbostel’s historic campus architecture. Similarly, the High Meadow Residences and Studio at Fallingwater draw on concepts, materials, and spatial sequences that tie them to place without mimicking what came before. Beyond his commitment to thoughtful, responsive design, Kent has also spent many years teaching the practice of architecture and is deeply committed to mentoring and nurturing the next generation of talented designers.

Selected Honors and Press


  • AIA Pennsylvania Honor Award, Carnegie Mellon University, ANSYS Hall
  • Residential Architect Design Award, Reduction Residence
  • AIA Pittsburgh Design Award, Reduction Residence
  • Kent Suhrbier Elevated to the AIA College of Fellows