Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion

Houston, Texas

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“This opens up nicely to the full view. The jury really loved that it was a minimalist integration into the landscape.”
Jury Comment, AIA Philadelphia Design Awards, 2014



The Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion and the McGovern Centennial Gardens celebrate the Hermann family’s gift of the park to the citizens of Houston in 1914. The Pavilion marks the entry to the new 15-acre Gardens and sits on an axis that runs from the public approach to the great spiral mount at the far end of the Gardens.

Visitors approach through a grove of Crepe Myrtle trees toward the chiseled granite wall of the Pavilion and a measured opening marked by a low roof overhang and lantern-like volumes on either side. One passes through a gateway of angled shimmering stainless steel walls under a metal ceiling that tilts up towards the Gardens and mount.

The entrance is flanked by a zinc clad meeting room to the north and a small contemplative garden to the south, spaces which provide indoor and outdoor amenities for Houstonians to enjoy and reinforce the connection to the landscape with broad views of the garden. A light metal trellis serves as a front porch for the Pavilion and mitigates direct sun exposure while allowing the Pavilion’s garden side to remain open and transparent.

Project Data

Houston, Texas
2012 – 2014
Hermann Park Conservancy
12,000 SF


Development of Distinction Award, Urban Space Category
Future Landmark Award
Honor Award, Built Category
President's Honor Award, ASLA Illinois
Design Award (Buildings under 50,000 Square Feet)
Honor Award
Honor Award for Design, Unbuilt Category