Agnes Irwin School, Athletic Center, Student Life Center, and Main Entrance

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States

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The primary organizational concept for the Agnes Irwin School’s Athletic Center and Student Life Center is a new circulation axis, the Student Street. By knitting the new facilities and the existing Upper and Middle School complex together, the Student Street creates a single comprehensive whole. The Student Street is more than a connector; it is a dynamic social heart with informal lounges and exhibit spaces promoting community interaction and providing places for exhibits of School memorabilia, activities, honors, and awards.

The design responds sensitively to the site and the neighborhood, harmoniously placing athletic and dining spaces into an intimately scaled campus and surrounding residential community. The design integrates the buildings with the natural environment and shapes outdoor spaces that serve many purposes. In locating and massing the new structure, the design preserves the enclosing mature trees along the southern boundary of the School grounds, provides outdoor gathering places, and minimizes the visual and environmental impacts of new construction. Above the dining facility, a planted green roof will aid storm water management, while providing year-round insulation and resource conservation.

Environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and green design are integral parts of the project. Natural light and views permeate a design that creates a feeling of openness between interior and exterior spaces. Material selections, water conservation, acoustics and color have been carefully considered to create an interior environment that is healthy, durable and beautiful. The result is a campus that serves as a teaching tool to inspire the AIS community and a symbol of the School’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States
The Agnes Irwin School