Ledge House

Catocin Mountains, Maryland

1 / 10 – Photo credit: Karl A. Backus
“In this work, extremes, edges, and eccentricity combine to form an original, inspired whole. This is a moment at a clearing in the woods where stone meets log, idea meets reality, invention meets craft, function meets beauty, and the past meets the present. It is a place where the magic of architecture inspires one to relax and dream of what might be!”
William Bruder, Ledge House



Placed at the edge of a small plateau on a forested mountainside, the house overlooks a stream valley to the south. The man made cut was the site of an earlier cabin. The clearing’s upsweep edge is marked by stone ledges and a grove of pine trees.

By employing the logs, heavy timbers and stonework found in rustic buildings of the early 1990s and arranging the new structure along the south rim of the cut, a remarkably evocative fore space is created. This quarry-like place in the forest speaks of many activities from those of an entry court to a gathering space. On the other side of the extended log wall is a series of loosely arranged sheds that face the sun and overlook the valley, forest and stream below.

The shed roof structures are supported independently of the log walls and detailed with galvanized steel connectors. In the spirit of older camp structures, much of the framing for interior partitions and cabinets, as well as galvanized hardware and electrical fittings, have been exposed to view, adding to the visual richness of the house.

Project Data

Catocin Mountains, Maryland
1992 – 1996
4,250 sf