CBRE San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

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CBRE’s new San Francisco office, located on the 45th and 46th floors of the Salesforce Tower, offers a transformative workplace experience to employees in the company’s founding city. The LEED Gold project elevates the commercial real estate brokerage’s work environment, with 40,000 square feet of open, light-filled office space for employees who previously worked in cellular offices and aging cubicles.

The design incorporates CBRE’s innovative Workplace 360 program, the company’s “free-address” workplace strategy that transforms the workplace into an efficient, technology-enabled, paperless, flexible work environment in which there are no assigned desks or private offices. This workplace strategy serves dual purposes: it offers a variety of settings tailored to CBRE’s increasingly mobile employees, while also serving as a model workplace showing how their clients can optimize the utilization of their real estate footprint by building out only what is truly needed and eliminating spaces that are rarely used.

Employees enjoy sweeping panoramic views and an abundance of natural light from their 700-foot-high perch above the city. The floorplan is organized around a continuous loop of circulation that hugs the Salesforce Tower’s massive concrete-walled core. This circulation loop is defined by texture and tone, layering a signature slatted oak wood screen over the concrete, subtly exposing its characteristics. The material richness of the core creates a visual counterpoint to the bright white surfaces, exposed ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling glass curtainwall of the airy open office environment. The “free-address” desks are arranged as small neighborhoods in a pinwheel configuration around the core, oriented perpendicular to the perimeter glass, offering all employees democratic access to the light and views.

Each corner of the floor is anchored by a distinctive lounge that occupies the curving contour of the tower’s façade. These corners offer a variety of alternative work environments that encourage employees to collaborate away from their desks: a lounge for brokers to discuss real estate opportunities with their clients, a bar for evening cocktail events, a teaming space for internal employee meetings, and a “map room” that showcases CBRE’s collection of Sanborn-style parcel maps dating from the company’s origins following San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake. The design team used color strategically at each lounge, inspired by landmarks and vistas unique to its particular corner of the building.

Project Data

San Francisco, CA
2016 - 2018
CBRE Group, Inc.
40,000 SF