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Bellevue, WA

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The 404,300 GSF Brio Apartments can be broken down into four significant parts: residential tower, residential mid-rise, performance court structure, and a mid-block pedestrian connection. The tower and mid-rise buildings will contain a combined 250 residential units.

Anchoring the northeast corner of the site, Brio’s residential tower is clad in a window wall of vision glass and white spandrels that modulate in units of varying widths, their pattern responding to the interior program, views, and solar orientation. The form of the 23-story tower is derived from views to and from the building, particularly at the corners as the facade pushes and pulls to focus occupant sight lines.

The six-story residential mid-rise occupies the site’s west edge and responds directly to the adjacent single-family residential neighborhood. It is clad in window wall units of the same proportion as the tower, however, metal panels and a palette of dark gray tones are introduced as a way to differentiate the buildings. Its own angular form is derived from a combination of relationships: The south end angles in and opens to the podium, mid-block connection, and performance court space, inviting pedestrians inward and upward via a grand stair of seating and planting. This acute geometry forces perspective as it soars above, articulated by a combination of walkways, balconies, soffits and roof lines, as the richness of program is revealed: the stacking of retail, amenity, and family and penthouse residential.

The performance court provides the Bellevue community with a flexible public space that can serve any number of functions, including athletic activities, art walks, exhibitions, and formal and informal performances. The simple horizontal and rectilinear shape of the performance court anchors its expressive residential counterparts.

The development of two distinct buildings on the site provides exciting opportunities for the space in between—opportunities not only for building access but for diverse public pedestrian activities. Clear points of entry exist from both the north and south, and the landscape and the architectural form of the buildings themselves are shaped to welcome and pull visitors through the site.

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Bellevue, WA
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