Apple Store, Stanford

Palo Alto, California

1 / 8 – Photo credit: Hufton + Crow



With 180 lineal feet of storefront glass and three entrances, rarely has an Apple store been so visually recognizable and physically accessible. The transparent front room is made column-free by the integration of slender structural glass fins, the storefront supporting the roof above. With only wood tables and a stone wall resting on the floor, the space below the roof is left uninhibited for the exploration of products.

As a counterpoint to the transparency and openness of the front room, the back room—dedicated to service, training, and accessory retail display—is enclosed and calming. Separated from the front retail space by a stone wall, this second space is reached by passing through one of two openings. The sense of privacy and uniqueness supports the ambition for a place of gathering and learning.

Delicate stainless steel beams support a gently arcing glass roof that fills the back room with daylight. Extending to surrounding walls, the expansive glass roof allows stone walls to extend unobstructed to the sky above, adding to the perception of being outdoors. A careful balance of tint, dot-patterned frit, and high performance coating allows modulated daylight to fill the space while maintaining visual and thermal comfort year round.

Project Data

Palo Alto, California
2010 – 2013
Apple Inc.
11,900 SF


Merit Award for Architecture