Year of Gathering

March 03, 2020

“… the firm has proven itself to be one of the most thoughtful and tireless in the architecture profession, creating elegant, dexterous, and often breathtaking work. Yet their labor—combining diligent study with artful intuition—is subtly embedded in their projects. It’s not announced with easy gestures or brash gimmicks. This is grace.”

– Sam Lubell
The Seeds of Grace, Gathering

Celebrate Gathering, our latest monograph and one that focuses exclusively on our institutional, civic, and commercial work. Gathering exemplifies how architecture has the power to bring people together with intention, allowing them to engage in new ways, generate ideas, share their passions, and build communities.

We believe it is important for us as humans to come together in exceptional places that foster connection and enhance our sense of shared community. In that spirit, we invite you to our Year of Gathering, a series of events and provocative conversations inspired by our work and the connections we foster, allowing us to examine the world around us and the places we inhabit.

Building Community and the Contemporary Workplace
San Francisco, Spring 2020
Kaiser Family Foundation, 185 Berry Street, #2000, San Francisco

* This event was originally scheduled for March 19. Due to the evolving news regarding the coronavirus and its spread in the Bay Area, we have postponed this event. We will continue to assess the situation and keep this space updated.

Advances in technology have contributed to remarkable shifts in the physical, social and cultural spheres of the contemporary workplace. This has led to experimentation and exploration in defining the spaces where we work. Beyond flexible floor-plans and determining whether to embrace an open office plan, it’s about how and when we’re simultaneously connected and isolated in our work. Even with an open plan or hotdesking approach, with all the potential for serendipitous connections, there’s an increased need for designated places for collaboration and community. Why? How do we create workplaces that allow for the alone / together paradox and allow for employees to find a sense of community?

Join Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Kaiser Family Foundation, CBRE, and Square for a provocative discussion moderated by Tom DiRenzo about the contemporary workplace.

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More to come as the Year of Gathering develops.

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