Roxanne Sherbeck, FAIA

“I believe in building as craft…making art with the needs of everyday existence”
Roxanne earned an MFA in Drama, Scenic and Costume Design from Carnegie Mellon.

“Theater is about time, not about objects. I try to make our buildings be about that.”
“The architecture [at the University of Virginia] taught me how architecture embodies ideas, in this case designing a community EXPERIENCE that interweaves teachers and students, buildings and nature.”
“Instead of thinking of buildings as singular objects sitting isolated in the landscape, I've been much more interested in making buildings that respond to their specific environment.”
“These projects weave both the new and the familiar into stories of controlled complexity that are energetic, approachable, intriguing and welcoming.”
“Being elevated to an FAIA recognized a great body of work achieved with the team. I am honored by that, and proud of a wonderful career at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.”
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