Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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“This modest studio interior showcases how the framework of a historic, mid-century structure can become the armature for a creative design process fueled by ideation, inspiration, implementation, and integration. To achieve an economical interior and create an open, loft-like space, the area was first stripped of its many renovations to expose the historic stone entry walls and original cast-in-place concrete deck and columns.”



Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s Pittsburgh studio relocated to the historic Alcoa tower in downtown Pittsburgh in fall of 2017. With Mellon Square directly to the south, the 13th floor of this innovative mid-century Harrison & Abramovitz-designed tower offers great daylight and signature views from the distinctive operable windows that define its modular exterior.

A simple plywood ceiling, standing team desks, resource centers, virtual reality studio, and pin-up walls combine with the rhythm of the existing concrete columns to establish this central avenue as the active team and meeting space within the main studio. To ensure that the entire perimeter of the studio remain as open collaboration space, the support core was built as efficiently as possible within the floor to house necessary functions including bathrooms, server room, and storage.

A productive creative design process demands engaged thought and active participants. The design of the studio also leverages the guidelines and metrics of the WELL building standard to create a healthy, interactive, and efficient space where this community of designers actively control their workplace climate.

The work-surfaces are simple plywood desks, and each individual workspace has an additional salvaged worktop that has been resurfaced with a linoleum work-surface that offers a softer area for sketching.

The materials and finishes throughout the space are intentionally neutral, punctuated with a rhythm of natural plywood and pops of colorful furniture. This minimal backdrop creates the background for the variety of projects developed in this studio.


Project Data

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2017 - 2017