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The Leaflet Blog | Sustainable Design Leaders: Innovative, Integrated, & Impactful

In her regular blog post for the Green Building Alliance Leaflet, Associate Patricia Culley reports on lessons learned from the annual Sustainable Design Leader Summit, a meeting of sustainable design leaders from some of the most prominent architecture firms nationwide. Culley, who attended the summit with Principals Steve Chaitow and Robert Miller, speaks about the importance of the Sustainable Design Leader position within architecture firms:

“For design firms integrating sustainability into their ethos, hiring the right Sustainable Design Leader and properly structuring their responsibilities is crucial to creating systemic impact. In the best-case scenario, the SDL is already a design leader within the firm as well as an expert on sustainability. This is ideal because sustainability measures are supported within the firm’s overall structure, from the top down.”

Follow this link to read the entire post covering the challenges and forward progress of this evolving role in architecture.