Support Community and Education in North Philadelphia

June 24, 2020

The North Philly Peace Park is a grassroots organization with dedicated staff and facilities to provide free programs to the greater Philadelphia community. The park was founded in 2012 by a group of socially engaged Blumberg and Sharswood neighborhood residents, activists, designers, organizers, and educators. We have partnered with the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Habitat for Humanity, Youth Build Philadelphia, and Perryman Construction to support the redevelopment. This year, the park will conclude its redesign with the construction of an Afro-futuristic, off-the-grid pavilion.

The new pavilion will strengthen four program areas: organic urban farming, sustainable education, the Black community, and green Wall Street. The park’s neighborhood, which faces displacement, food inaccessibility, and poverty, will have free access to the programs. The park will provide a safe and supportive environment to practice health and wellness, including access to fresh produce and vegan cooking, emergency preparedness, as well as yoga, fitness, and environmental education classes, all at no cost.

Currently, the North Philly Peace Park is fundraising until July 4th to meet their construction goals. Funds, totaling to $51,582, will allow them to complete the entire structure as designed by fall 2020. To learn more and to support, visit the North Philly Peace Park Peace Pavilion Project’s fundraising page.