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Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Florida State University Celebrates Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science Building Dedication

Florida State University (FSU) recently celebrated the dedication of the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science (EOAS) Building and our team was delighted to join in the occasion. The dedication, set in front of the grandeur of EOAS’s sun-shaded south facade, was an intimate gathering to celebrate this important milestone for the EOAS department.

Those present at the celebration included Dr. Eric J. Barron, current FSU President, John E. Thrasher, and numerous FSU Board of Trustees. Many excited EOAS faculty and students from various departments were also present, who have already warmly claimed the building as their home.

It was exciting for our design team to see the social, office, and laboratories embraced, utilized, and enjoyed by their users. We heard from faculty that they were pleased to have spacious sunlit labs with ample unobstructed views of sky, landscapes, and campus.

The building is also home to a donated Smartflower, a sculptural data collector whose solar panel petals follow the path of the sun, an interactive seismometer accessible via the plaza, and a Science on a Sphere global display system which projects live data maps onto a suspended globe.

At its prominent site on FSU’s campus, the new building puts the EOAS mission on display, with strong connections to the outdoors, embodying the spirit and passion of the scientists within. The building will boost communication and collaboration across the disciplines and will provide resources to connect students with interdisciplinary, hands-on experience.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson