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Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson to Host Facades+ Conference in Seattle

Patreese Martin and Robert Miller will co-host a series of conversations, drawing collaborators from the industry, our practice, and our body of work.

Seattle’s upcoming Facades+ conference focuses on issues unique to the region and the future face of the city. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Associate Principal Patreese Martin and Principal Robert Miller are co-hosting the morning’s conversations, drawing collaborators from the industry, our practice, and our body of work. We are honored to host a rigorous discussion encompassing all things building skin. Join us December 6 at The Motif Seattle.

Thinking Outside the Box: Detailing and Fabrication Considerations for Advanced Building Geometries
The advance of computational design and material developments has furthered the complexity of facade systems across building scales. The successful execution of such projects requires an integrated approach to design and fabrication.

Ted Hall, Founder & Creative Director | Spearhead
Henry Zimmerman, Associate | ZGF Architects
J-F Robert, President | Blackcomb Façade Technology
Bryce Tanner, Associate | Arup
Patreese Martin, Associate Principal | Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (Moderator)

Optimizing Residential Design: Pursuing a Housing Model for the Seattle Area
Over the last decade, Su Development and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson have collaborated on a series of residential towers in Bellevue, Washington. What renders the projects so unique is the vertically integrated approach established by Su Development; the development firm, founded by engineer John Su, designs and fabricates its own custom facade systems.

Robert Miller, Principal | Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Patricia Chen, Senior Building Façade Manager | Su Development
John Su, President | Su Development
Stephané Hoffman, Principal, Vice President Facade Engineering | Morrison Herschfield
Dana Reed, Senior Associate | Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (Moderator)

Futurist Forum: Glass and Beyond, Influences Inside and Outside the Building Sciences
Phones, automobiles, and a myriad of consumer products are pushing the envelope of what we expect transparent materials to do. What innovations can we expect to see in the next 20 years or beyond?

Lisa Rammig, Senior Associate | Eckersley O’Callaghan
Sanjeev Tankha, Principal / Structures | Walter PMoore
Michael Maiese, Associate Principal | Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (Moderator)

To register for Façades+ Seattle and learn more, see the full agenda.