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Good buildings require an understanding of the principles of structure, light, space, and material, but great buildings require an understanding of people. The most successful inspire through the interactions and connections made within them. This collection of work exemplifies how architecture has the power to bring people together by design, allowing them to engage with one another in new ways, to generate ideas, share their passions, and build communities. The fourteen projects included in this volume range greatly in size, function, and aesthetic, from the High Meadow Dwellings at Fallingwater to the Newport Beach Civic Center in southern California to Apple Stores located around the world. An introductory essay and chapter text by noted architectural writer Sam Lubell accompanies this volume.
Listening: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Houses 2009-2015
We all harbor particular memories of houses we’ve encountered, moments and experiences that stay with us well past departure. Finding these nuances demands active listening—not just to the owner or client of the building, but to the site, the culture, the materials, and the house itself. This is exemplified in Listening, a profile of 12 houses designed by renowned architecture firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Ranging from an agrarian property in coastal Rhode Island to a weekend retreat in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to a family home in the Hawaiian Islands, each project is extensively depicted in new color photography, evocative conceptual sketches, presentation drawings, and construction details. A foreword by AIA Gold Medal winner and founding principal Peter Bohlin, and essays by a select group of the country’s most accomplished architects and writers, accompany this edition.
The Nature of Circumstance
A profoundly humane architecture that celebrates a sense of place, context, ecological sensitivity, and an innovative use of materials. Widely acclaimed for designs that feature environmental sensitivity and meticulous attention to detail linking people, buildings, and nature, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s virtuoso residential and public projects showcased in this sequel to Arcadian Architecture are presented in detail, with sumptuous new color photography, conceptual sketches, presentation drawings, and construction documents. Included in this volume are the Apple stores, evoking the brand’s high-tech cool through sustainable design and ecologically sound materials.
Arcadian Architecture: 12 Houses
ORO Editions
The houses in Arcadian Architecture are exquisitely crafted of wood and stone and other natural materials, and are all sited within beautiful wooded, mountainous, or lakeside locales, from New York State to Washington State, and from the woods of Connecticut to the mountains of Montana. Each house is presented on at least thirty pages, and is depicted by sumptuous new color photography, richly detailed conceptual sketches, presentation drawings, and construction documents.
Grand Teton: A National Park Building
ORO Editions
Writings by an architect, an architecture historian, a naturalist, and a photographer enrich this book of handsome photographs. Grand Teton National Park's rugged alpine landscape and stunning array of wildlife attracts over 2 million visitors every year, and the new Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitors Center at Jackson Hole, designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson with exhibits by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, combines the National Park Service tradition of rusticity with an architecture that is distinctly modern.
The Farrar residence is the stunning year-round home of a fascinating Park City, Utah, couple. Award-winning architectural firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson has created a tour-de-force in stone, concrete, wood and steel. The line between inside and outside disappears amid a confluence of shifting perspectives. Dramatic elements enliven the whole, from expansive living spaces that open to breathtaking views of the Wasatch Range, to a spellbinding glass swimming pool that cantilevers over a rushing mountain stream. These architects have established a reputation for projects that respect the natural environment while responding to the unique needs of client, site and program. The firm has received more than 340 design awards, including the prestigious Architecture Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects. World-renowned architectural photographer Nic Lehoux has documented the house with a wealth of lavish color and black-and-white photographs. The book also includes conceptual sketches, presentation drawings and construction documents.
Liberty Bell Center
ORO Editions
The Liberty Cell Center, the new home of the Liberty Bell, was opened to the public in 2003. The building, designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, is one of the highlights of Philadelphia's reconfigured Independence Mall. This book offers a close look at the building and presents an extensive set of reproductions and photographs, including records of the design and building process, that thoroughly document the building and its surroundings. The book also features essays that flesh out the building's rich context and its historical background. They include insiders' accounts of the design process as well as critical maps of the constellation of forces that come into play in shaping a building of this significance.
Ledge House
"In this work, extremes, edges, and eccentricity combine to form an original, inspired whole. This is a moment at a clearing in the woods where stone meets log, idea meets reality, invention meets craft, function meets beauty, and the past meets the present," writes architect William Bruder in the introductory essay to Ledge House.
The Architecture of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Richly illuminating a startling humanity and intelligence, The Architecture of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson is an important overview of one of the United States' most distinguished design practices. Celebrated for extraordinary aesthetic power and a quiet rigor which is both intellectual and intuitive, their projects have won hundreds of design awards and appear regularly in professional and popular journals worldwide.