Robert Schattner Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1 / 6 – Photo credit: Jeffrey Totaro
“The Schattner Center provides state-of-the-art space for the clinical programs of the School of Dental Medicine while unifying the School's existing Evans and Levy Buildings into a single complex. The exterior configuration of the new building draws its forms, materials, scale and detail from the historic Evans Building to create a unified "campus" environment for the School of Dental Medicine.”



The Schattner Center’s entry is through a central forecourt into a three story atrium and will function as the main entry to the entire Dental School. The south wall of the atrium steps back at the third floor, allowing light to penetrate deep into the building. An open and inviting stair is located in the atrium and leads to all destinations. A pedestrian bridge connects the new building to the historic Evans Building.

The building configuration uses setbacks, massing and wall articulation along the length of 40th Street, unifying the Gateway and Evans Buildings into an integrated complex between Locust and Spruce Streets. Program functions are located in, and overlook the atrium, making it a dynamic and interactive spatial experience.

Project Data

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1997 – 2002
School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
70,000 sf