Ridge House

Rural Canada

1 / 11 – Photo credit: Nic Lehoux
“Located in rural Canada, this year-round retreat is a gathering space for family and friends as well as the owner’s own personal place of solitude. Carefully positioned in the natural landscape, the dwelling was designed to blur the distinction between interior and exterior.”



The home stretches along a natural ridge overlooking a broad valley. Passing through a grove of evergreens, the drive turns to reveal the first glimpse of the home – a long core of sawn stone parallels the ridge and slides under a single-slope roof through a steel-framed glass volume.

Inside, two large fireplaces mark the stone core and are the structure’s key organizing elements. Gaps in the stone provide access to each of the living spaces. Floor-to-ceiling glass brings the play of light and shadow into the space and blurs the line between interior and exterior. The roof projects upward and outward, heightening one’s awareness of the sunlit view to the north. The long south roof overhang provides shading in the summer, while the low winter sun warms the stone core.

During the day, glazed monitors wash the stone fireplaces with natural light; freestanding roof monitors supply light and warmth within the core. Each bedroom opens directly to an outdoor deck. This is a rigorous, empathetic man-made place in the natural world.

Project Data

Rural Canada
2004 – 2007
6,300 sq. ft.


American Architecture Awards
Tucker Award for Design
Honor Award for Design
Honor Award for Design