Q Nightclub

Seattle, Washington

1 / 11 – Photo credit: Jeremy Bitterman
“Q Nightclub bumps the glitz of expected nightclub trappings into refined demarcations of line and volume. It’s theatrical and formal at the same time. If you emptied the place out, the spatial arrangements would be just as loud and seductive.”
DJC Project of the Month Jury



Q Nightclub is a bar, lounge and dance club in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. The venue shows the exciting potential of adaptive reuse; here, a 1912 automotive garage has been repurposed as a dynamic social space, with curved forms that showcase the movement and interaction of people. A vertical steel fin, painted a bold yellow, denotes the main entry. To establish the inner spaces of the club as a world apart, the design team found a clever solution: The required fire exit is configured as a long entry tunnel, with only the sound of music as a clue to what lies inside as patrons take refuge from the chill of Seattle’s rain. The entry hallway’s mirrored terminus implies a longer corridor and provides an opportunity for a casual check before entering.

The two-story masonry building has concrete walls and a timber post-and-beam structure, which are selectively exposed in the new design. The club is organized around the dance floor and state-of-the-art theatrical lighting and sound systems. Multi-tiered platforms blur the boundaries between sitting, standing and dancing. At one side of the dance floor, the curvilinear forms of the DJ booth create a focal point; on the other end, an asymmetrical main bar anchors the space.

Service spaces are unobtrusively contained within a shiny torpedo-shaped shell, including an unusual restroom configuration designed to encourage social interaction. A hidden lounge at the mezzanine level is lined in unexpected red finishes and provides patrons in the know the opportunity to observe the dance floor from their own private perch.

Project Data

Seattle, Washington
2011 – 2012
FMJ Corp
9,000 sf


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