Loyola University Maryland, Sellinger School of Business

Baltimore, Maryland

1 / 4 – Photo credit: Matt Wargo Architectural Photographer
“This project expanded the Sellinger School of Business into 70,000 square feet of new space, seamlessly extending two contiguous existing buildings. Obtaining new state-of-the-art teaching and research space, the school also gained a strong iconic heart.”



Externally, the Sellinger building completes the most important public space on campus. Flanking Loyola’s chapel to the north, the Business school frames the chapel in an axially dominant position on the University’s main green. A simultaneous Bohlin Cywinski Jackson-designed science addition helps frame the chapel’s symmetrical relationships to the south. The building’s spatial programming sets aside ample internal space for gathering, chance encounter and circulation. The site’s slope significantly mitigates its bulk, enhancing the smaller-scaled chapel’s importance. These measures transformed a loosely organized green space into a significant quadrangle, symbolically reflecting the University’s Jesuit traditions. A slender, tall atrium connects all floors. Its hybrid steel-and-wood structure and its narrow dimension create a sense of personal intimacy while also emphasizing the presence of this vital academic institution.

The sloping face also allows the business school to front the campus’ western entrance as a strong welcoming beacon. A tall glass wall connects the building’s interior heart with the North Charles Street entrance, thereby displaying its vibrant internal life at the university’s western portal.

Project Data

Baltimore, Maryland
1996 – 2000
Loyola University Maryland
70,000 gsf