Hanover Bank of Pennsylvania

Kingston, Pennsylvania

1 / 2 – Photo credit: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
“This branch bank is situated at the intersection of an established residential street and a heavily-traveled boulevard in transition to commercial use. The bank was designed to be compatible with the character of the adjacent residences, while providing a distinctive commercial image.”



Facing a main street which is partially residential, and a side street lined with large older houses, the building almost disappears; its faceted, mirrored glass façade reflects wisteria, trumpet and grape vines growing on a wood arbor that follows the street lines. Besides providing a foil for the mirrored glass, the trellises shade pedestrians, provide an edge for the semi-urban site and, from within, visually expand the space of the banking room.

The building has been a commercial success, which the owner attributes in part to the architectural solution that helped it to gain acceptance in the neighborhood.

Project Data

Kingston, Pennsylvania
1972 – 1974
Hanover Bank of Pennsylvania


First Honor Award for Design Excellence