144 Spring Street

New York, New York

1 / 4 – Photo credit: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
“Using cutting edge glass technology, this project embodies the spirit of Soho’s Cast Iron Historic District, where the buildings utilized the largest possible openings to achieve daylit manufacturing and retail spaces. The spatial efficiency found in cast iron architecture is expressed in the new building’s column-free interior space and highly transparent façade, continuing a SoHo tradition while reflecting the owner’s desire to create an inviting and memorable retail space.”



This new flagship retail building is located on a narrow twenty by eighty foot lot at the corner of Spring and Wooster Streets in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. To optimize the available square footage, a highly integrated design utilizing a cantilevered steel superstructure creates a column-free interior space with maximum perimeter transparency. Two full floors and two mezzanines of retail space provide the equivalent of a four-story volume, with each level open to those above and below.

Through an unprecedented design to achieve maximum transparency, two levels of twenty-six foot tall insulated glass panels are stacked one above the other, without mullions, to form the fifty-two foot tall façade. Comprised of seven layers of laminated glass and an insulating air space, each eight foot wide panel weighs five tons, but is only 4 1/2″ thick. A performance-based energy model was used to achieve compliance with New York City’s Energy Conservation Code.

Project Data

New York, New York
4,620 sf


Honor Award for Design, Unbuilt Category