Natalie Gentile
Associate Principal

Natalie’s talent and deep expertise designing for and managing diverse constituent groups lies in her belief that great projects are born of an integrative programming process where all stakeholders are engaged and focused on creating a strong shared vision. This belief is exemplified in the depth of Natalie’s work with both private universities and large state institutions, and includes award-winning projects for Duke University, the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Dartmouth College, and the University of Virginia. A common thread throughout these varied projects is a collaborative and interwoven design process, especially during the programming phase, which is when the abstract visions for a project begin to take physical form in design. Through the course of her three decade career with the practice, Natalie’s driving passion lies with leveraging appropriate building technologies for each circumstance and applying this approach to create healthy, humane, and innovative places for people and making adaptable, timeless buildings that enrich the human spirit.