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Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Carnegie Mellon University, Intelligent Workplace

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Intelligent Workplace at the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics is a long-term demonstration, research, and teaching project for the Advanced Building Systems Consortium.

Project Information


7,000 SF




Design Award, Business Week

National Honor Award

A rooftop extension of Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall, the project enables demonstrations of innovations in building enclosure, interior, HVAC, and telecommunication systems. By breaking the massing of the structure into a series of modular bays, the roof form both maximizes solar performance and creates a scale sympathetic with the rhythms of the terra-cotta façade below. The interior is planned as a village that encourages interaction while retaining areas for greater individual privacy. Users are served by a highly integrated building system chassis which is flexibly designed for future investigation and research.

As a lived-in office, research, and educational environment, the Intelligent Workplace provides a test bed for assessing the performance of new processes and products. The project’s design is the result of a collaboration with Swiss architect Pierre Zoelly and the research staff at the Center.