Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) Raptor Exhibit

Vermont Institute of Natural Science, Quechee, Vermont

The Raptor Exhibit, comprised of seventeen pole-framed enclosures grouped around the open space of the Hawk Fly, is accessed through an entry pavilion containing an office for ticket sales, rest rooms and a small classroom. Panels at the entry pavilion begin to tell the raptor's story, which continues all around the covered, arched pathway that connects the enclosures and from which the individual species are viewed, beginning with Snowy Owls and ending with Bald Eagles. This path traces an arc that is derived from the spiral inscribed within the Golden Rectangle, bringing a natural order to this array of manmade structures. Visitors see the birds from the relative darkness of the walkway, which is sheathed with board slats and mesh panels. The painted corrugated metal panel and open mesh roofs slope up away from the central clearing to views of the sun-lit forest that highlight the raptors perched on branches, trees or nesting boxes. Exhibit panels explain where and how each bird was injured and the process of their rehabilitation.


2006 Honor Award for Design
AIA Pennsylvania
2006 Honor Award
AIA New England
2005 Award for Design Excellence
AIA Northeastern Pennsylvania
2005 Vermont Public Space Award
Vermont Public Space
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