Apple Store, Regent Street

Apple Inc., London, England

Apple Store Regent Street, located in London's famed West End shopping district, occupies a historic 1898 Edwardian building. Large arches, ornate stonework and colorful mosaics adorn the exterior, contrasting sharply with the store's refined modern interior. The 23,500-square-foot, two-story space is composed in a spacious yet organized manner, using a palette of stainless steel, stone and glass. A dramatic glass staircase, glass bridge and illuminated glass ceiling dominate the interior drawing passersby into the store.

Rigorous attention to detail throughout makes for a static-free environment. The editing of distracting elements from the visual field allows customers to focus on the experience of "levitating" on the transparent staircase and bridge, bathed in light from above. In a serene yet stimulating environment, Apple's products gracefully assume center stage. Simple, honest materials and thoughtfully resolved details echo the qualities of the elegant, sophisticated products on display.


2005 Best In-Store Retail Theatre
Retail Week Magazine
2005 2005 American Architecture Award
Chicago Athenaeum
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