House In The Blue Mountains


Arranged around a square stone courtyard at the edge of a hillside forest, this house looks across to one of the prominent peaks in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. The peak resides along a migratory path for eagles and hawks.

Winding up through unmowed fields, the narrow drive enters a deep forest and passes through a grove of hemlocks. The visitor arrives at an exposed bedrock outcropping that extends into a square stone courtyard, which appears to predate the house.

The entrance is marked by a pair of stone chimney masses, centered on a view of the mountain peak. The house's two levels of glazed timber-framed living pavilions are organized around the stone court. This calm, powerful outdoor space is the house's heart. It is both an introduction and a refuge. The more open living areas surrounding the court look out to the forest, the river valley, and the mountain beyond.

On the upper level, a wood-framed car court contrasts with the stone courtyard to its east. At the lower level, a long linear pool and covered terrace extend to a distant birch grove and overlook the mountainous Pennsylvania landscape.


2005 Grand Award
Residential Architect
2004 Tucker Award
Building Stone Institute
2003 Honor Award for Design
AIA Pennsylvania
2003 Honor Award
AIA Northeastern Pennsylvania
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