Goosewing Farm

Rhode Island

This seventy acre oceanfront farm is surrounded by water on three sides. Fresh water ponds lie to the east and west and the Atlantic Ocean forms the southern border. The land gently rises fifty feet above sea level to a cluster of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century agrarian structures.

The owners fell in love with coastal Rhode Island and this farm two decades ago and purchased the property with the intent of making a multigenerational family compound. The first phase of their project was the conversion of a nineteenth- century cottage into a guesthouse and the construction of a discretely located caretaker's compound.

The exterior of the renovated and expanded cottage is unassuming, clad in cedar shingles like many of the region's vernacular buildings. Once a rabbit warren of small rooms, the guesthouse has evolved into an open plan with recycled Douglas fir columns and beams, an animate boulder fireplace, and a series of slatted Douglas fir screens. Two metal-clad monitors rise from the gabled roofline. One carries light into the attic and contains three flues. The second monitor functions as a light well for the new wood stair and an observation perch. The caretaker's house and garage workplace are located at the edge of a wooded area apart from the original cluster of buildings. The simple gabled forms and materials of the compound are detailed with restraint. The two buildings engage a square concrete walled ruin. A wetland occupies one of its corners.

The master plan for the project called for thoughtful interventions to both building and landscape that exploit and reveal the rich variety and nuances of this historic New England farm.


2011 Honor Award
American Society of Landscape Architects
2010 Merit Award, Renovation Category
Residential Architect
2009 Honor Award
AIA Rhode Island
2002 Honor Award for Design
AIA Rhode Island
2002 Design Citation Award
Wood Design and Building
2002 Grand Award
Residential Architect
2001 Citation Award
AIA Pennsylvania
2001 Honor Award
AIA Northeasern Pennsylvania
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