House in the Endless Mountains


This residence was designed for a couple who wished to return to their agrarian roots after their children had grown and left. Overlooking horse pastures, the lake below, and distant fields and mountains, the house and garage rest against a forest on the highest of a series of hillside plateaus.

The farm's approach is marked by a series of stone ruins beside a private road that climbs from the lakeside and leads into an automobile court proportioned as a golden rectangle. This outdoor room is enclosed by remnants of stone walls characteristic of farms in the region. Beyond a portal in the east wall of the court lies a smaller courtyard and an entrance to the wood-framed house.

Passage through the tightly defined timbered entry reveals an expansive living space with views to the distant landscape. Behind a free-standing stair that rises along one edge of the two-story space, a dining room and office border a steeply sloped and shaded landscape. The light-filled volume of the living space is anchored by a massive stone firebox and chimney that dominates the southern exposure. Centered on a square fieldstone plinth, the fireplace recalls the furnaces of local historic industrial structures.

A personal lodge, a farmhouse, and a family gathering place, the Endless Mountain House refers to America's West as well as its roots in the Northeast.


1998 Tucker Award for Design Excellence
Building Stone Institute
1996 Merit Award for Design Excellence
AIA Pennsylvania
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