Skyline Residence

Bend, Oregon

Approached through a forest of Ponderosa pine, this residence for a young family of five appears as a delicate stripe across the horizon. Sited at the edge of an escarpment on a sparsely forested plateau near Bend, Oregon, the slender building is oriented toward uninterrupted western views of the Cascade Mountains.

The owners desired a modest home that would enable them to experience the dual natures of the outdoors: intimate forest and sweeping views. The use of economical, pre-fabricated materials was seen as an opportunity to develop an expressive architecture within 2,080 sq. ft. of living space and 725 sq. ft. of garage space.

The house is organized on a four-foot module, establishing a delicate rigor for the building and maximizing the use of pre-manufactured materials. A series of open web trusses are combined with dimensional wood framing to form broad overhangs and space for insulation. Plywood sheets span between the trusses and are left exposed at the eaves. ACX plywood is attached to the top chord of the trusses as a finished ceiling. An insulated aluminum window system is attached to exposed laminated wood columns creating an expansive yet economical wall of glass in the living spaces oriented toward the mountain views. On the opposite side, support spaces and a children?s desk are located along the hallway.

A bridge clad in green fiber cement panels marks the entry. Visible through the front door is an angled yellow wall that opens to a protected outdoor space between the garage and living spaces, offering the first views of the mountain peaks. Living and sleeping spaces are arranged in a line, with a circulation corridor to the east.

The exterior is clad in pre-finished fiber cement panels that match the horizontal spacing of the window mullions, accentuating the linear nature of the structure. Two boxes clad in corrugated metal punctuate the east elevation. At the north end of the house, a deck extends into the landscape, providing a quiet place to enjoy the view.

This house demonstrates that great richness can be achieved through the use of common materials.


2013 Design Award
Residential Architect Design Awards
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