Q Nightclub

Seattle, Washington

A neon yellow steel fin along Broadway Avenue marks the entry to Q Nightclub, a new 9,000 sq. ft. bar, lounge and dance venue in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. Once inside, a long tunnel transports patrons deep into the pulsing heart of the club and provides queuing space protected from Seattle's drizzle. Its termination at a wall of mirror doubling the visual length enables last minute primping and flirtation with others in line. One emerges at the curvilinear bar, clad in glossy automotive paint recalling the history of the existing building, a repurposed 1912 automotive garage. The volume of the room expands to include the tiered curvilinear platforms that define the dance floor. State of the art technologies form a cloud of light and sound. On axis in the distance the DJ's perch is a backdrop to a sea of bodies in rhythmic motion. Service spaces are housed in a sleek torpedo shape, with glowing red slots carved into the walls, offering glimpses of people and movement within. One end holds a unisex restroom configured to encourage social interaction. The other end is a bourbon bar scaled to be a cozy retreat from the noise and motion of the dance floor. An existing elevator shaft is repurposed as a light sculpture above a stair leading to the sleek red mezzanine. Lounging in the intimacy of the flowing red seating, commanding views of the full club reinforce the drama of seeing and being seen.


2013 Project of the Month
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce
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