Ohio State University College of Dentistry Feasibility Study

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio State University's College of Dentistry is housed in Postle Hall. The building and its systems are nearing the end of their useful lives and hamper the School of Dentistry's mission provide modern dental education, to treat patients, and to conduct research. The university retained Bohlin Cywinski Jackson to conduct a detailed study of Postle Hall that included analyzing the existing building and investigating the feasibility of its renovation and/or expansion versus the potential of building a completely new facility for the School at another site on Ohio State's campus. The study was comprised of the following stages:

An analysis of Postle Hall, the existing Ohio State University College of Dentistry building. This included an evaluation of the exterior envelope, structure, utilities, mechanical and life safety systems.

A thorough analysis of the existing and projected space use for the College of Dentistry was performed. This included projections for departmental growth over time, critical adjacencies between departments, and overall organization of the College of Dentistry. Based upon this effort, recommendations were made for various means by which the College of Dentistry could achieve their goals through either renovating and expanding Postle, or through building a new facility.

Explored conceptual design of potential building concepts based upon the projected space and organizational requirements of the College of Dentistry. The building concepts considered options for the renovation and expansion of the existing Postle Hall as well as options for a new building on a different site.

Performed a detailed analysis of potential sites for new construction based upon the Campus Masterplan and a detailed evaluation of planning criteria.

Documented opinions of probable cost and projected construction schedules for the various concepts and sites.

Produced a final report for use by the College of Dentistry in defining goals, fundraising, and procurement of capital.
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