Apple Store, Upper West Side

Apple Inc., New York City, New York

The Apple Store stands at 67th Street and Broadway, between New York's residential Upper West Side and the vibrant performance venues of Lincoln Center. Among towering structures, the modestly sized building has a notable street presence. The inviting, day-lit interior is visible to the bustling city through a taut forty-foot high glass façade that boldly defines the corner. The angled façade meets a gently arcing glass roof supported by delicate steel trusses spanning sixty feet between massive stone walls. It is a great market hall, open to the changing sky, allowing light and shadow to dance along the hushed grey stone walls.


2010 Honorable Mention, Commercial Buildings Category
The Institution of Structural Engineers
2010 Honor Award
AIA San Francisco
2010 Citation of Merit Award
AIA Pennsylvania
2010 Merit Award
New York Construction/McGraw-Hill
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