Apple Store, Opéra

Apple Inc., Paris, France

The Apple Store Opéra is located in a historically significant building constructed in the late 1800s and designed in the Haussman style. The store faces Rue Halévy, which links the Opéra area with the Boulevard Haussman shopping district. Its portion of the building had been a bank, which operated from 1917 until recently. The store interior extends from Rue Halévy to Rue de la Chaussée-d'Antin at the rear, allowing for natural light from both directions. It uses all of the bank's original three-story space, comprised of a street level, mezzanine and lower level vault.

Because both the exterior and interior finishes of this historic building are protected, the design approach focused on reviving the grandeur and elegance of the space and simply inserting the necessary retail fixtures. A large skylight over the double height main space of the ground level has been restored, flooding the product display area with natural light. Apple client service spaces on the second level mezzanine look onto the skylit space.
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